VNBIG, the frontrunner in the emerging digital finance market

When the development of traditional financial market has been in the stalemate, securing a share in the old market requires the disruptive innovation. VNBIG, the biggest digital asset exchange in Southeast Asia, is playing such a role in the emerging digital finance market, leading the financial innovation.

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Drawing on the blockchain technology and token economic model, VNBIG is building the digital finance ecosystem. With exchange only being part of the ecosystem, it’s ultimate goal is to build the world leading finance service provider, offering digital asset trading, OTC trading, operating and other comprehensive services.

Multiple markets and trading tools as well as the diversified trading models combined compose the biggest highlight of VNBIG.


Currently there are more than 10 digital currencies available for trading with the tools including margin trading, future contract, option and fund, presenting multiple investment choices for users.

Driven by the profit, there are all kinds of blockchain projects sprung up in the market. Therefore, VNBIG team is dedicated to selecting the quality ones to get on the exchange for online trading. Each project will have to pass the professional review to get listed. In doing so, the quality and value will be guaranteed, which is also the significant link of the whole ecosystem. Most investors on VNBIG platform earned great returns.


The new models including “trade-driven mining”, “participating is mining”, “holding enjoys dividend” and “dividend on new invitation” have been popular among users and boosted the passion about trading. Now there are in total 500,000 users.

“The one thing we are doing now is to build VNBIG as a digital asset trading platform featuring quality projects, rich products, multiple tools and combination of interaction in the communities. Let trading become more attractive,” said Kevin, the person in charge of VNBIG.


Another innovation of VNBIG is that the digital finance ecosystem it built is a decentralized community.

The community members are in consensus that everyone enjoys the equal autonomy.

The users who participated in the building VNBIG will become the community members. By checking in the platform, reading the news, sharing the news, rewarding the news or inviting the new user, it can contribute to the building and thus earn rewards, VNBT, the platform token. VNBT can be used in the whole VNBIG ecosystem. It can also been traded in the exchange to transfer the value. The users holding VNBIG will also enjoy the ecosystem dividend. Through “consensus”, “co-building” and “sharing, we can achieve the opening and cooperation and win-win autonomy.


The professional team and abundant resources laid solid foundation for the realization of its vision.

The founding team of VNBIG is made up with global known investors, senior experts financial KOLs and business elites, boasting powerful resources and professional technology. Besides it has connection and partnership with Southeast Asian government institutions and listed companies. Based on the Southeast Asia, it will embrace the whole world.


In view of the future outlook, VNBIG believes that the digital asset wave is about to come. With the help of blockchain, IoT and mobile technology, either the tangible or intangible asset can be digitalized and tokenized and get onto the exchange. That is a trillion-volume market, no less than the traditional financial trading market. Therefore, VNBIG is actively planning the trading matrix globally for further development.

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